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French Polynesia


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Welcome to Nuku-Hiva Toursí home on the web.† We pride ourselves in providing high quality tours or our little corner of paradise.† Please see the links below for a description of our tours.†


We operate out of the Yacht Services Office Located on the small quay where the cruise ship disembark their passengers.† The background image on this page is a picture of the Yacht Services Office.†






Please read the following to learn more about the tour.


Guests arrive at the petit quay by First tender.
Once the entire group is assembled you will depart.


One your way to the first stop, the over look of Taipivai, your guide will
explain the changes in town, both recent and in the last 20 years as well as the government infrastructure and some of the politics of the area.

Once you have arrived at your first viewpoint your guide will explain growth of housing, the filming of Survivor, with personal anecdotes.† In addition he will give a† running commentary about rural changes in last years.

Overlooking Taipivai bay, your guide will discuss Melville and his book Typee. with personal anecdotes) as well as Taipivai bay and Hakapouvai, kaa Survivor bay)


From their, youíll be taken down the road to Houmi please note this is as far as the tour offered by your cruise line take its guests.†


This is actually the point where our tour really starts.† A short history of the fall and rise of the population of the Marquesas in 1927-1946.†

Stop at a copra factory. Explain about the rise and fall of the Noni. How copra is made and its uses.† From here we wined through dense growth to eventually climb up and up to the pass of Hatiheu, taking in the breath-taking views of the head of the valley and its waterfalls.

Stop at the Viewpoint overlooking Hatiheu. Hopefully to see the ever increasing Upe.† Drop down to the first site, the Massive Tohua, with its Pae pae and various larders and things of interest. A short climb up to the petro glyphs.† Then down to the giant banyan tree and the Tai Nui, (Big Hole) Explications of sacrificial rites and their origins.

Then on to the second, smaller, but sinister, Ma'e where the nasty deeds were done!

Now itís time to head to Yvonne's for beer and nosh.

After lunch there is an, optional, visit to the museum at Hatiheu.† Followed by a scenic drive out to the Aakapa, overlook.

Lastly a visit to the church with its exceptional carvings.

Back to the quay in time for the last, but one, tender.

Full day 4x4 Tours of Nuku-Hiva

The tour costs $120.00 per person.†

A 50% deposit is required to confirm a reservation

We require 4 passengers for each vehicle.

Private tours can be arranged.